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23K! Funded!! FingerPow changes how you charge your phone

What projects have you backed on Kickstarter that we should know about?

by dragonwarcraft » Wed Nov 29, 2017 3:36 am


Finger Pow is a portable charging solution designed for a life on the move. Unlike wall sockets or other portable charger, Finger Pow simplifies the entire charging process, and offers unparalleled portability. It expands on the power bank concept by splitting into four independent charging packs which you can grab-and-go as needed.

The core idea behind Finger Pow is to store electricity in small modular pieces. This combines four Charging Packs and the Charging Station, which can charge all four Charging Packs simultaneously while being itself a 5000mAh power bank.

Finger Pow Kickstarter Campaign Page

They are successfully funded in 5 days and they have added new stretch goals for backers. Their product is very interesting and worth sharing.

Youtube Video:
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by Food Chain » Thu Jan 11, 2018 11:45 pm

Great Work!
Food Chain
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