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Alphabetical Power

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by shoboi » Sat Sep 03, 2016 4:02 pm

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Not like Others, this word game is filled with the best game rules, types, mode and lots more! Creating the clearest knowledge you've Ever Had through Fun, this is the first and only Nobel Word Game. Experience the ultimate in learning versatility; You are contributing to expanding people’s knowledge when you back our campaign.Dear to play this word game and be sure you are putting your time to another best use!

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One of my weaknesses is spelling English words correctly and when I realized that their lots of people like me out there, I designed a word game called "ALPHABETICAL POWER".
Just like two sides of a coin, this word game is fun and educative because it tends to add to your knowledge regardless of how good you are with English words.
This fundraising will cover the expenses of turning this word game to an app, getting it to marketplace and to create an online advertising for it.
One of the reasons why you should support this project is because of those that rely on people to write or those that rely on Auto-Correction when typing on their device or those that can't do without spellchecker.
Please support this project to create a new environment for learning; thank you!

Project link:
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