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by emphimy » Mon Feb 20, 2017 3:25 am

TiMe22 wrote:
ralphk wrote:No one that I know that used FT paid $5K upfront. You should definitely negotiate a big discount.

The best offer I received from FT is US$2500 upfront and 31%.... Changes the numbers a little bit, but still, if you have not inflated your prices to accommodate this 31% and a bit to divide the US$2500 invested over the backers they bring in, it will not help your project any bit.

I`ve put a handful of the projects they mention on their website in Kicktraq and some really have 100's of backers (some even 1000's), but most projects more or less double/triple the amount of backers and that just doesn't cover the % and the upfront... It will probably work/benefit you if you setup your project with FT in mind though...

31% commission? It's a huge percentage to give up!
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