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Anyone use backerdatabase or Krowdster backer directory?

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by lowkey » Wed Aug 09, 2017 10:38 pm

sophiawang wrote:I am running a Indiegogo crowdfunding project now, I search on the Internet to find solutions on how to promote this project. Some of the websites claim that they can provide the backers information to us, but we need to pay money for this. As this is the first time of our crowdfunding, I am not sure whether the backers information are useful, and if we have the backers information, we send emails to them to introduce the campaign to them, will they have any actions on this and support our projects?

You might want to check your inbox, I already told you about your profile signature. The link you put on your profile signature are not connected to your campaign on Indiegogo because its a link copied from your dashboard.

Next, is the needs of backers email lists. If you check on my posts, "1 year 7 Months Marketing Research Compiled"... while I do support the importance of getting leads before launching a campaign, but I am talking about hot leads. The leads generated by genuine interests from customers around the world, not random leads. Read my posts, and take your time.
1 Year 7 Months Crowdfunding Marketing Compiled
Guide to Kickstarter Landing Page To Get Leads
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