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Anyone used Crowdco?

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by Sane » Fri Apr 14, 2017 11:42 pm

What I read so far describes the exact suffering Crowdco caused us when we hired him last year.

Do. Not. Ever. Go. Near. Him/Them.

I paid him $1500.00 for a marketing campaign. The promised Press Release never came, so I hired someone on Fiverr to get it done in order to give it to him to start distributing it! Even then whenever I managed to get in touch with him he was busy assembling a team that apparently was coming from Mars or some other place outside our universe.

In a nutshell:

1. Initial contact established - Skype consultation, " We know it all" remarks, making you feel he is the guy for the job.

2. Money transferred - $1500.00

3. Beginnning of wide and rich variety of excuses, almost unable to contact troughout the campaign.

4. Campaign goes down the drain.

5. Patrick gets an email that we will be filing official compaint with the FTC ( Federal Trade Commision ).

6. More excuses " My life is falling apart", " business is bad" etc. etc.

7. Human in me force me to believe that there is truth in the above and I offer him to refund my money in full and get marketing done for second launch to which he agrees.

8. 2 weeks go by, I ask what is happening and reply is something sounding like " You must be crazy to think that I will refund the money and do the campaign for free"!

9. I am now seriously mad ( it is Friday) and tell him that if I don't have my money back in my account by Monday the above mentioned compaint to FTC and FBI Online scams Dpt will be on the way. Oh, his sister name will also be in there as she is coFounder of CrowdCo and as such is impossible not to be aware of his dealings.

10. Please give me some more time, I don't have the money!!!

11. Monday is the day Patrick!

12. Monday, 03.00am my phone wakes me up. Message from Paypal saying that his mother has just transferred the money to me! Can you believe the sorry ass, destroying people's dreams and after that calling mommy to clean after him!?!

To Dax, if you read this - contact him and tell him that you are about to contact FTC with complaint. Other way to go is Small Claims court but be aware that you have to represent yourself, can't hire lawyer for that. USD 4000+........I will find him in hell for that amount of money if I have to.

Hope you get your money back!
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