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BackerClub Review After 24 Hours

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by hamza1987 » Sun Dec 03, 2017 5:09 pm

I used backerclub for my campaign. Got the 449 package which includes a feature on the website and a newsletter. Has been 48 hours and I have some feedback. They claim that the email is sent to 20k+ backers which I highly doubt since I got only 77 clicks according to my dashboard. Although, out of the 77, 20 converted into pledges which is a very high conversion rate. However, I would expect more than 77 visits as a cheaper package from backerland for 249 with the same features yielded 177 clicks and the clicks seem to be growing as compared to backerclub whose visits have stopped increasing at 77. I would recommend backerland instead of backerclub although initially I though backerclub would be way better based on the better alexa rank etc. Ah well I emailed Mark telling him about my disappointment over just 77 clicks. Let's see what happens. ... -sunshades
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