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Crowdfunding success over the holidays

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by aknicholas » Fri Dec 29, 2017 6:39 pm

I launched a project around Thanksgiving that runs until Dec 30. I'd like to share the progress. It is currently 175% funded.

Thanksgiving weekend saw 40% of the goal pledged

Christmas Eve and Christmas 13%

The past four days have been the largest upsurge, raising 66% of the goal

People are busy over the holidays, but they are often taking time off from work. This means they are focused on doing things for themselves. There are a lot of competing interests for spending, but also holiday budgets are more discretionary than in any other season. People spend a lot on themselves after they finish their Christmas shopping.

In my online store, I see an uptick in sales between Christmas and New Years, every year.

The project is nsfw. If you want to see, it is here: Bella Fantasia figure photography on Kickstarter
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