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Documentary film shot in the Amazon- fundraising tips

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by IndigAmazonDoc » Sat Sep 17, 2016 6:18 pm

Hi guys, we're a documentary team of two who have been working on our film 'Reimagining Progress- Voices from the Ecuadorian Amazon' for the past year. It will be a feature-length documentary which we filmed alongside the Kichwa and Sapara tribal nations of Ecuador examining indigenous rights and broader environmental issues. Its key aim is to deliver their urgent and thought-provoking messages to the international community.

We have all the footage for the film and our current Indiegogo campaign is to raise money for the edit and distribution. Managed to generate a significant amount of interest in the project and now having a trailer makes presenting the film to people a lot easier.

You can see our page here- ... 14356412#/

The trailer is available to watch at the top of the page.

Be great to hear anyone's thoughts on approaches and strategies with projects in an area like this or just general feedback. We are obviously spreading a lot through our email networks, specifically contacts in America as well as trying to get key organisations working in similar areas (i.e. Amazon advocacy) to come on board helping to distribute but be great to hear of other ways filmmakers have approached this.

Ultimately it has the potential to be a really powerful documentary resonating with a lot of different people on issues like global warming, the destruction of the Amazon and the inspiring resistance indigenous people are mounting to the challenge.

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by Mad World Film » Sun Apr 02, 2017 10:10 am

Good Luck Joe!
Mad World Film
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