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Does living in USA help your chances of getting funded?

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by firenerd2 » Wed Aug 30, 2017 1:39 am

Hi all
I'm new to Kickstarter and am 66% funded for my campaign with 9 days to go.
Starting up a fresh company based in New Zealand currently trying to spread the awareness on a new card game Kitten Casualty.

After researching and researching, contacting board game blogs, gamers, podcasts, websites, and reviewers. I believe that where you live in the world has a big impact on their Kickstarter campaign.
On the Kickstarter website itself, it alters the price currency and your discovery searching.
Not being based in the USA has brought limitations with shipping costs, product reviewers, and just general awareness, popularity.
Struggles with product reviewers not being in the same country. Time and money play a big part in the shipping of the product.
Based in New Zealand we have been searching for people who are locally based to review the game, makes it easier to get in contact with them and cheaper too. In saying this though it does limit does your options.

I'm sure this is similar for other creators who are based in another country.
Marketing wise we have spent $$ and have defiantly has some positive and negative experiences.
(Note to all stay away from paid Instagram shoutouts)

Anyway, we are a team who are still driven and want to see our game funded. We are continuing to spread the word and hope you all will like our game.

Check it out and let me know what you think. ... escription
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