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First Kickstarter for our album Nekonomicon funded!

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by curseofcassandra » Sun Nov 12, 2017 6:36 am

I am in an independent electronic band (Curse of Cassandra) and we are in the middle of our first Kickstarter. We are looking for backers to support our new album Nekonomicon (dark electronic music).

We ended up getting funded in the first two days but we asked for less than we needed to cover the costs because we weren't sure how much support we would get. We made sure to offer lots of perks that our audience would be interested in. Happy to say we achieved our goal but now we are looking into ways to keep the momentum going since we have still have 6 days left. We have created a stretch goal that offers two additional tracks to backers if we hit the goal. What strategies have you found to be successful if you hit the goal but want to keep the positivity flowing? ... ekonomicon
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