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Handi SOS - Send alert text & location instantly

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by HandiSOS » Wed Oct 11, 2017 9:00 pm

Good eve! Part way through getting my media campaign sorted, so I wanted to see if you guys had any advice!

My device (the Handi SOS) is a wearable button, when pressed it sends an automatic alert text and your current location to friends via the mobile app.

It's meant to be used just in case somethinf goes wrong whilst online dating meets, walking somewhere alone, getting in a cab (I won't mention any firms..), elderly folk, vulnerable people, evidence gathering (should the worst happen) and many others.

It can be worn in any creative way you can muster up - on a wrist strap, clipped don't clothing, accessories, or concealed somewhere clever.

The button is the size of a coin and links to your phone. When pressed and held for 3 seconds the alert message and location is sent.

Please check it out, your feedback is most welcome.

Or Instagram @handi.sos

I'd love to check out other peoples projects too, so let's connect.

The Kickstarter campaign is ready to go, I would first like to get you good folks' support first!

Horrah for the internet!
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by hyperstarter » Fri Oct 13, 2017 11:29 am

Cool but I did reply with some advice last time, but didn't get any reply:
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