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Share Your Kickstarter Story (Updates, Campaign Stats, Marketing Strategies Used)

Has your Kickstarter experience been positive or negative?

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by Omitat » Fri Jul 14, 2017 8:52 pm

Our campaign was all over the place. We learned a lot about Kickstarter the hard way. This was our first time creating a campaign and I'm happy to say that we just got fully backed with a couple hours to spare!

What we learned/experienced:
    You can be waaay too aggressive with pricing and even if your momentum is strong at the beginning, that price can ultimately hold you back.
    Press is less than friendly and if you didn't budget to pay premium costs to be featured on a site - you're going to have a rough time reaching out (this is still a problem for us, if anyone has good links/tips for press in technology please send them my way).
    Make sure your team has a plan spanning one month prior to launch and one month after.
    Make sure that your team members won't randomly leave during your campaign :(
    Facebook ads are fairly useful!
    MailChimp is great - if you know how to use it and have an email list set up.
    Mistakes will happen and you've got to roll with it.

You can check out our here:

I wish I found this site earlier.
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by Staklifestyle » Tue Jul 18, 2017 7:49 pm

Hi! We are new to kickstarter with our campaign but have previously backed 3 projects between us. We are starting to realise that it isn't at all what we thought it was!

We had no idea at all that we should have had a big PR drive beforehand and are feeling pretty naive and disheartened.

Firstly, the positive as we are generally pretty positive people!

- Have you learned any new skills (marketing/social media)?
So so much! Video making (not our forte as you will see), social media, photography, just general writing, press releases, having confidence to reach out to people, the list goes on.
- Have you gotten any backers you don't know?
Yes! About half of our 32 backers are people we don't know which we felt was a brilliant start but unfortunately it has ground to a halt at only 5%
- What has been frustrating?
Being asked to pay for advertising left right and centre
- How did you motivate yourself daily?
The idea of being able to work together on a product we really believe in.
- Are you planning on starting a business if your Kickstarter goes well?
- What tools or websites do you recommend (others than this one haha)?
So far we have joined gadget flow as a desperate attempt to get a bit of traffic. That went up about 7 hours ago, no backers yet.

Feel free to give us feedback on our campaign. We don't think our product is the problem, we love it and would never go back to any other wallet but there is obviously a problem somewhere! We are 5 days in and have had no backers the last 3 days.

Thank you!
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