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Japanese strategy game Shogi - Funded 100%

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by ShogiCZ » Fri Oct 07, 2016 5:05 pm

Our Kickstarter campaign is fully funded now! Thank you all! :)

What we used to promote our project:
We used some PPC advertising (Google Adwords and Facebook) only for first week - we made them on our own.
Good point is to not start the campaign during friday or saturday evening - people are mostly out of PC.
50% backers are from our refferals, other 50% are from Kickstarter itself!
We are trying to write at least 1 update per week.
We use many social networks, forums: Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Boardgamegeek, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest etc,
We also informed many bloggers about our campaign.
We are trying to react as soon as possible to all comments and messages.

I hope this can help someone else too :)
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