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Kickstarter Marketing: My experience with Funded Today

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by lowkey » Mon May 15, 2017 5:23 am

cfrei wrote:I just hired Funded Today to help me with my Kickstarter campaign and it was a TOTAL WASTE of $2,500. I don't recommend that you hire them and here is why.

1. You have no control over your brand or message as they don't let you see any of the Facebook ads before or during the campaign. So, you have no idea what message they are putting out, when, how or even if they are putting out all of these ads they are claiming to.
2. They don't use your Facebook account to place the ads, so you don't even get the advantage of driving people to your page or generating awareness or likes (if they aren't driving donations- which they didn't).
3. I honestly have no idea whether they placed 1 ad or 1,000 ads during the 7 days they claimed to have placed ads. I never saw an ad on Facebook, so as far as I am concerned, they took my money and that was it. When I ran a Facebook paid advertising campaign, I ran into my ads all of the time (as I am in the target audience). I never once saw an ad for my company or product.
4. There is no team. You work with one person (who was very nice) but basically for $2500, I got one 15 minute phone call, that was it.
5. Most importantly, they DON'T DRIVE DONATIONS. I don't trust that they did a thing. They run the company like a factory and sign up as many desperate people/companies as possible, take your money and make it look like they are doing something, when in fact, they aren't.

Those are my two cents. I hope this post helps the next person who considers hiring Funded Today. BTW, they wanted $3,500 for their service and I negotiated them down to $2,500.

Live and learn.

I am happy to talk to anyone offline about my experience if you are considering using Funded Today. Just email me at

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