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Lets make gardens safer with our new organic garden products

by ghostchilinate » Wed Jan 11, 2017 8:09 pm

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Hello everyone my name is nathan and i created my first kickstarter campaign in order to get our all natural garden products to the market place.

help us make that happen and make a pledge we have great exclusive rewards.

$5 Pledge*
Savory Garlic & Herb
Sweet & Spicy BBQ Rub

$10 Pledge*
Spice Blend Combo Pack
Organic Seed Starter Grow Mix 100% peat moss free

$13 Pledge*
Limited 2pk of our Organic Pepper Fertilizer its water soluble and makes up to 60 gallons of all natural organic fertilizer solution to give your plants a bloom boost and increase yields.

$15 Pledge*
Your choice of our All natural grow kits you can grow the ghost pepper, kale, basil or sweet cherry tomato all of which are non gmo seeds and organic.

$20 Pledge*
Limited offer of our 4 plant grow kit of your choice and a pack of our all natural water soluble fertilizer

$35 Pledge*
(4) Live garden ready ghost pepper plants and fertilizer

$40 Pledge*
Get all four of our all natural organic grow kits that include the ghost pepper, kale, basil and the sweet cherry tomato

$55 Pledge*
Our complete line of our new garden products all 4 of our grow kits, 2 packs of our fertilizer and 1 bag of our organic grow mix.

$65 Pledge*
Everything garden get all thats included with the $55 pledge but also you will get our 4 live garden ready ghost pepper plants.

The funds are being used to get our licenses, bond and materials to get our products to the marketplace with your help and support we can make that happen.

So lets start making gardens safer and kitchens tastier.
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Our all natural products
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by ghostchilinate » Wed Jan 11, 2017 8:14 pm

Let me know what you think about our current products and if you have new product suggestions i would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions, thank you all.
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