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Lollyo: Personal Cloud

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by vladburca » Mon Oct 03, 2016 1:11 pm

We need some help with our campaign ... cloud--2#/

Cloud storage with virtually unlimited space. No third party storage, no privacy issues, no leaks.
Lollyo is cloud storage, with a twist. Unlike the wide variety of competitors out there, you don't need to upload your files to a cloud server in order for them to sync and be available from your other devices. You get to keep all your data on your own PC, no third party storage, no privacy issues, no leaks. And being your storage, it is virtually unlimited or better said as large as you wish!

What We Need & What You Get
We need 25K to finish the product. While Lollyo service, web app and desktop app are already released, we need additional development effort for Lollyo mobile apps, OSX and Linux apps.

For the cause, we got some pretty cool perks:
[*]Our Cool T-Shirt - Well, you just have to own it!
[*]The Monster Lollyo Box - Another dedicated device, but for storage junkies and security freaks! 2 x 4TB Raid1 cloud space for more than documents and pictures;
[*]The 2TB & 4TB Lollyo Box - A stand-alone Lollyo storage device, a pre-installed machine already running Lollyo. Lots of cloud space for your stuff. Once you get it, you just plug it and forget about it;
[*]Be Our LEGEND Sponsor & Be Our HERO Sponsor - You are generous and we are thankful for it. We'll add you to our list of great supporters. You will also be virtually present with us at Web Summit. Also you get an awesome limited edition Monster Lollyo Box;

Even if this campaign doesn't rise all the money, it will still be a success. We'll stick with priorities and by this we mean investing all the money in the development and delivery of Lollyo.

Other Ways You Can Help
This is actually Very important for us! You can help us:

[*]Feedback - Get to and try it. And then send us feedback. Doesn't matter if you like it or not, everything you have to say about it it's just good feedback. Stay assured it is processed and used to make a better product;
[*]Share - Help us spread the news about Lollyo.

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ProductHunt: ... cloud--2#/
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by dominicki » Fri Dec 16, 2016 4:23 pm

sounds like a great idea
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