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Aura Wireless Christmas Lights Kickstarter Already Over $47K

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by therriaultk » Thu Dec 11, 2014 9:07 pm

Creators Chris Higgins and Hardeep Johar launched their Kickstarter for Aura on Nov 19, 2014. Their goal was to redesign traditional Christmas lights into a version that was safer, longer lasting, and removed the hassle of untangling Christmas lights year after year. For those who are anxiously awaiting a completely wireless future this should brighten up your holiday season.

Aura Christmas lights use a Power Ring at the base or middle of your tree (depending on the size). It connects to an outlet and creates a wireless field that activates the lights. You can also choose to buy a slightly more expensive Wi-Fi Power Ring that allows you to control them and set schedules or timers from your smartphone. Each Power Ring (designed to be easily hidden) can hold up to 100 lights. This set up should take a lot of hassle out of decorating for Christmas and will be a great talking point. As mentioned, it is also a safer alternative that will minds at ease, as the Kickstarter page notes:

“From the beginning, Aura was designed to be a safer Christmas light. By removing the wires that short circuit, heat, or spark in your tree, Aura eliminates the potential fire hazards of traditional Christmas lights. For even more safety, we only use LEDs which produce close to zero heat.”

Kickstarter page: ... nav_search

Check out the full post on CrowdfundingPR! ... -over-47k/
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