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Reimagining Progress- Independent Doc. shot in the Amazon

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by IndigAmazonDoc » Sat Oct 15, 2016 9:49 am

Hi guys, we are currently a couple of weeks into our campaign to raise funds for an independent documentary shot alongside the tribal people of the Ecuadorian Amazon- ... 14356412#/

The film documents their incredible resistance to a series of threats they are facing at the moment including the entry of Chinese-owned oil companies. It also explores their rich and varied philosophy which we strongly believe can teach people here in the U.S & Europe a great deal. The footage has all been shot, this campaign is to raise funds for the edit and distribution.

It would be great if people could have a look over and get back with any feedback, we're currently aligned with a big Amazon advocacy organisation who is helping to tweet and promote the project whilst we have been doing all the standard stuff, i.e. press releases, articles on news sites promoting the campaign, heavy tweeting and facebook posting etc. However, still finding it difficult to convert the traffic into donations, the standard indiegogo issues really.

Anyway any feedback is appreciated.
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