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self crowdfunding campaign no kickstarter

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by revolution » Sat Feb 10, 2018 9:56 pm

Ok guys when we start to working on our crowdfunding project
cryptocurrency collectible cards,
we worked as 3 Entrepreneurs Who Are Striving To Spread The Joy Of Crypto Around The World, Unfortunately Right Now Most Of The Work, On This Project Besides Production, Is Done By Me And I Working Day And Night Almost 24/7, Sleeping Only 2-3 Hours Every Day Because I Truly Believe In This And The Final Cause. My English Is Not Perfect I'm Not Native English Speaker, But I Trying My Best And It's Much Easier To Express Myself Using Video, I Promise To Release Serval Short Sweet Video's To Explain Why It's Much More Than Collectible Cards,

you can watch my first video
this is our website

I want to educate people about cryptocurrency, with help of cool and fashionable products, delivering fun and educational
experience, the cards are an only first step
Crypto is much more than Bitcoin,

the problem is because I pretty much doing it by myself without any help, and I know that kick starter and other platforms are a headache to do alone to contact them doing all the bank stuff the paper etc..

and because the fact that I'm one person it's much easier to me to build my own PHP website and do the crowdfunding their if I had more team members but right now they not available if I wasn't alone
I definitely was going to Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, I work really hard on this but yet I only one person, so if we already on the same topic you think with all my passion to it should I continue doing this alone?
the production is ready we can create the cards and ship without any problem one of the Entrepreneurs own gifts shop-> he can print shirts mugs and much other cool stuff so even perks for my backers it's not a problem.

what do you think guys should I continue doing this alone or just with all the love just close this and move on with my life?
and if not using Kickstarter or do self-funding without a platform?

kickstarter a little problem to people outside the USA and because one of the entrepreneurs supposed to do deal with this it's a problem because I can't.

thanks guys for the answers and I really appreciate if show us some support on
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by Ray.Trentson » Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:09 pm

You probably want to structure it more like an ICO than a kickstarter project.
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