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by Greg School » Wed Jan 10, 2018 3:39 pm

Instead of spamming your Kickstarter link on other websites (which I hear is very ineffective) to thousands of people, it is better to focus on first forming friendships and relationships with a comparatively small number of people and then sharing your campaign with them. For example, if you just sat down with your friends and talked with them about what you're doing, there's a pretty good chance that you'll be able to spark a lot of interest in them. This will make them want to support you. My advice: make a lot of friends with people and, only after that, share your Kickstarter campaign with them.
Greg School
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by Sieuwe01 » Sat Feb 03, 2018 2:19 pm

1 thing

Promote promote promote!!!

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by AaronGR » Sun Feb 04, 2018 6:39 pm

I assume that you are here because you are about to start your Kickstarter campaign, right? Don't worry I will give you my best tips even if you are a completely new Kickstarter novice or an experienced creator, and yes, without spending a single cents for all the expensive services out there. However, if you have enough budget and wish to spend more time on doing other things, It's totally fine to look for some trusted service providers to promote and run your campaign on your behalf.

I am not here to tell you the normal things like, be helpful to backers, remember to utilize the newsletter, or creating a good promotion video. Although these three are one of the main reason of why so many campaigns failed miserably. Take a Google search for the terms like "how to create a successful campaign", there will be a lot for you to read.

What I've learned from my past experience was that:

Quality Quality Quality
Nobody likes to waste their time on useless content and product. I've seen so many bad products get flamed, rejected and complaint. If you don't know already, there is even a Youtuber have a series of episodes shows called "Kickstarter crap" to list down so many bad campaigns in Kickstarter. If you have time, go watch it and learn from their mistakes.

The key to success is not all about the promotion, but how helpful your product is. If your product can solve a hundred existing problem for people, you will be famous anytime soon even if you don't promote your campaign at all. And vice versa. So, my first tip for you is to always make sure your product is in quality, tasted/verified by more than one trusted source, and don't disappoint customers, that's the baseline. Show your complete workflow/demo in the campaign description, or even a live stream to catch the eyeballs and create buzzes in the community.

Language Tones
Whether it's friendly, professional or like those stuffed with all marketing jargons, your writing reflects your mindset and goal. Find a balance in between the two. On one hand, it depends on your product type too. If your product is somewhat like a less-complicated tool, it would be better to use a friendlier tone, while if your product is a highly complicated device, using a friendly tone can downgrade your product. Do not overly address your product with all the marketing terms, I remember there is one called Viper360˚ (you can probably still find it on my site) filled his campaign description/Images with all the positive words you can think of, even some don't seem logical. Fortunately, his product is still good and got funded. People nowadays are getting different, we got used to all the marketing language and sometimes even perceived it in a negative way. It can hurt your product's image.

To make this article a little bit short, I'll stop at only 2 tips from me. Otherwise, I can do this all day. If you have read until this line, thank you and wish you best of luck for your campaign.

And lastly,

This is Aaron. I owned a site and the link is below. if you would like to ask me anything or looking for some sort of promotion work, feel free to contact me, I can do it free for you.
https://www.gismoreview.comPromote your Kickstarter now
This is Aaron from GismoReview. GR is a website where to help people promoting their crowdfunding project. Contact me for a free promotion.
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